Academic Programmes at Oxford

How to Apply


Date: Saturday 30th June - Saturday 4th August

Price: £4,995 plus £450 if the 4-day excursion option is taken (the 4-day excursion is a requirement for the Environmental and Medieval Programmes and optional for the English Programme)


How to Apply


After deciding which course you want to study, and then which option within your chosen course you would like, you are required to complete the following application forms, and supply an academic endorsement or reference. The deadline for Applications is 20th March 2018. Applications can be made directly to the Administrator, Summer Schools, at St Peter’s College. You will need to do four things:

Download and Complete the application form here

Download and Complete the application form FE1 for the 4-day Excursion.

Your application needs to be accompanied by a signed, academic recommendation (or reference letter) from one of your professors or advisors certifying your suitability for the Summer School. Before you arrange this, check whether your home institution has a partnership arrangement with St Peter's College and will send this on your behalf; or whether you need to arrange and send the recommendation yourself. The recommendation should be on your institutional letterhead and can either be mailed as soon as possible after an electronic application, or accompany an electronic application if it is available in electronic format.


Email all these as attachments to: or mail to: Marilyn Addison, Summer School Administrator, St Peter's College, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford OX1 2DL, UK.

Most of our partner universities assist in the selection, application and registration of students and some also manage the transfer of funds to Oxford on their behalf. The professor encouraging your application or your university’s Study Abroad office, International Office, or equivalent will advise you.

Successful applicants, leading to the Offer of a Place, will be notified as soon as possible, and, by the very latest, 1st April 2018. Later applications might be considered if there are still places available.


Download Information on The Fees here

Your Place is secured by payment of a non-refundable deposit of £1,995 which should be paid as soon as possible after you receive the 'Offer of a Place' and no later than 21 April 2018. Deposits are credited in full against the fee for the Course. Payment of the remainder (including the supplementary charge for the Four-day Field Excursion, if applicable) is due by 20th May 2018, six weeks prior to the start of the Summer School.

Schedule of Applications & Payments:

By 20th March 2018 Deadline for Applications

By 1 April 2018 Confirmation of acceptance

By 21 April 2018 Deadline for Deposit £1,700

By 20 May 2018 Deadline for Payment £3,000 : Include supplementary charge for Four-day £450 excursion, if applicable.

The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances once a student has been accepted on a Course. Participants are strongly advised to take out insurance cover against illness and mishaps that may arise between payment of the deposit and completion of the Summer School. A student who withdraws after making the final payment but not less than 14 days before the beginning of the Summer School will receive a full refund minus the deposit. No fees can be refunded after that date.

Please note that payments must be for the full £ Sterling amounts above, after any bank charges and currency exchange fees have been paid.

For all payment details please refer to the following download:

Payment by direct bank transfer: if paying by this method, please notify us of the date of transaction so that we can track payment into our account.



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